Small Business Information

Welcome Small Business Owners to the One,Mississippi SHOP Marketplace!!!   If you are interested in learning more about how you can enroll and select an Insurance Plan that is right for your budget and meets your business needs and participate in the MS SHOP Marketplace please contact us at or call 1-855-9MS-SHOP (1-855-967-7467).

Employers are you aware of this Affordable Care Act requirement? As an employer you are required to notify your employees in writing regarding the options available through the Marketplace. One,Mississippi has created a summary document of Technical Release 2013-02 that gives you the information you need. There are notices available on the Department of Labor's website.These notices can be used to notify your employees. There is a link to an updated COBRA notice that includes additional information on health coverage offered through the Marketplace that is also a requirement. Click here to review the document.

An e-mail address is no longer required for the employee to enroll in One,Mississippi, the agent or the contact center can enter the enrollment information for the employee and dependents.The employer can designate a Certified Agent with One,Mississippi to enroll the employees and their dependents.  If the employer does not want to designate an agent the employee can call the Contact Center at 1-855-9MS-SHOP (1-855-967-7467) and the Customer Service Representative can enroll the employee and their dependents.

Renewal Information-- What is necessary to renew health plans for you and your employees with One,Mississippi? Click here.

Browse Quotes

Attention Employers you can now easily browse for quotes!  Please see the link below.

This tool easily allows you to calculate your and your employees cost for healthcare coverage.  The Quick Quote User Guide is below under ‘Resources’ and walks you through the process and answers any questions you may have; if you still have questions after reviewing the User Guide please call the contact center at 1-855-9MS-SHOP (1-855-967-7467).  Note:  When Registering your account please enter “Employer” for the “License #”.  

Cafeteria Plans

Attention Employers: Help maximize your Healthcare Benefit!

Employers and Employees can save money by enrolling in a Cafeteria plan. A Cafeteria Plan allows Employee premiums to be taken out of their payroll check before taxes.  This helps both you, the employer, and your employees save money each month! The Employee saves by lower taxable salary and increases net (take home) pay, which in turn reduces payroll taxes on matching Social Security and Medicare for the Employer.  See the document below under Resources for more information on Cafeteria Plans. If you have additional questions or would like to sign up for a Cafeteria Plan contact your Agent or a Third Party Administrator.