One, Mississippi is an easy-to-use marketplace designed to assist small business owners with finding comprehensive health plans for their employees. Local certified agents are available to guide employers through the enrollment process. 

Enrollment and Renewal

When can I enroll? 

Open enrollment continues on a rolling basis throughout the year. View our Small Group Enrollment Calendar for new and renewing groups. Read More.

NOTE: For the next effective date of coverage 12/01/17, employers must finalize enrollment by 10/31/2017.  Open enrollment for employees begins 11/01/17 and ends 11/10/17. Invoice goes out 11/11/17 with the initial payment due 11/15/17.

Individuals Click Here

If you are an individual looking for insurance, you may purchase insurance through the federal government's exchange at www.healthcare.gov.

Why Offer Health Insurance to Employees

As a small business owner, why should you use One, Mississippi to offer Health Insurance to your employees?

  1. A competitive advantage in the labor market. Providing health insurance to employees helps you recruit and retain the best talent while keeping employees happier, healthier and, thus, more productive.
  2. Streamlined Benefit Administration. Through One, Mississippi, you will have a wide variety of tools at your fingertips to help select and manage all of your employees’ health insurance benefits. If you prefer, we can also help you find an agent in your local community to assist you.
  3. Manage Your Costs. You control how much you contribute to fit your budget – while offering your employees a choice of plans.
  4. Gain tax advantages. Employers can take a tax deduction for the cost of health insurance premiums paid on behalf of employees. In addition, employers with fewer than 25 FTE (full-time-equivalent) employees may be eligible for small business health care tax credits.

Compare Small Business Health Insurance Plans

One, Mississippi offers affordable health insurance plans that provide essential health benefits, as well as preventive care, with no pre-existing condition restrictions. 

2016 and 2017 Health Plan details are available here. Search for health insurance coverage from our participating insurer UnitedHealthcare. 

Tax Credits

Review Tax Credits for Your Business

If you qualify for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, you may get a break on the costs you pay for group health insurance. You may be eligible for a tax credit if:

  1. You employ fewer than 25 FTE (full-time-equivalent) employees.
  2. You purchase group health insurance through One, Mississippi for Small Business.
  3. You pay at least half of the premium costs for employees’ insurance coverage.
  4. You haven’t claimed the credit in the past two years. (Employers can claim the tax credit for no more than two consecutive tax years beginning in 2014 or later.)

How much is the credit?

Use the Tax Credit Estimator available at the IRS website. The maximum credit is 50% of premiums paid on behalf of employees. The maximum credit for small nonprofit employers is 35%. The tax credit phases out based on the number of employees and average wages. Consult a tax advisor or attorney for more information.

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If you are interested in learning more about One, Mississippi and to find a certified agent in your area please click here or contact us at support@ms-marketplace.com or call 1-855-9MS-SHOP (1-855-967-7467).

See our Agent Information page for more information on becoming an Agent in the One, Mississippi SHOP Marketplace.

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