One, Mississippi is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand marketplace to assist small business owners with finding comprehensive health plans to offer as a valuable benefit to their employees. Small business owners can also look for agents in their area who can guide them through the process. Once a group is on One, Mississippi, employees browse an array of health care plans to find the perfect fit for them and their family.

As a small business owner, why should you use One, Mississippi?



  1. One,Mississippi Brochures now available-Find out whether purchasing employee health coverage through One,Mississippi is right for your business.  This new brochure outlines the benefits of buying coverage through One, Mississippi and answers the questions most commonly asked by small employers and agents.  Click here to learn more about One, Mississippi and click here for a broad overview of health and dental plans available for purchase.
  2. The ability to offer employees high-quality health insurance is a competitive advantage in the labor market. Providing health insurance to employees helps you recruit and retain the best talent while keeping employees happier, healthier and, thus, more productive.
  3. Through One,Mississippi, you will have a wide variety of tools at your fingertips to help select and manage all of your employees’ health insurance benefits. If you prefer, we can also help you find an agent in your local community to assist you.
  4. You control how much you contribute to fit your budget – while offering your employees a choice of plans.
  5. For information on One,Mississippi Agent Newsletters go to the Agent Information page.

Looking for Insurance

NOTE: For the next effective date of coverage 9/01/16, employers must finalize enrollment by 7/31/2016.  Open enrollment for employees begins 8/01/16 and ends 8/10/16. Invoice goes out 7/11/16 with the initial payment due 8/15/16.

If you are an individual looking for insurance, you may purchase insurance through the federal government's exchange at www.healthcare.gov.

Individuals Click Here